Why do it?

Different people have cited different reasons for napping polyphasically. Some of the main ones are:

  • To get more time: this seems to be the most common motivation
  • To save money: If you're awake more hours, then your periodic payments like rent, mortgage, insurance taxes, and the like are cheaper per waking hour
  • To discover if it's even possible, or what it feels like, or just how difficult it is
  • Because it's just plain weird: some people like to be different
  • To increase lucid dreams
  • They know they can change back if they don't like it
  • They want to emulate their heroes -- many of the reputed famous hexaphasic sleepers were actually some other kind of polyphasic, ie. biphasic
  • They can have more private time to themselves (introverts like this; extroverts can feel free to seek out other polyphasic sleepers to join them

Some of the reasons why some of the people think it might work better for them than for others:

  • They already fit a number of criteria mentioned throughout the site which make it easier
  • They are already polyphasic in a different way (ie. biphasic -> hexaphasic)
  • They've experienced sleep deprivation before
  • Their jobs require them to work shift, but also would allow them the breaks needed for napping

You may also be interested to read that polyphasic sleep is a lifestyle, not a disorder.

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