Information Against Polyphasic Sleep

Some people think that polyphasic sleep has negative long-term health consequences. They may be right, but there doesn't seem to be much actual evidence of this, as I have seen no studies which made conclusions either way.

The most well-known of the detractors is Dr. Wozniak. But after you've read his article against polyphasic sleep (noting lack of actual studies done on actual polyphasic sleepers, apart from Claudio Stampi, who doesn't appear to fully support Wozniak), you'll want to read the arguments against his position:

Since almost the entire body of polyphasic sleep knowledge seems to be based around anecdotal evidence, I offer the following anecdotes as possible trouble spots. But hopefully as long as Steve Pavlina is out there ahead of us, the rest of us will be safe.

  • A brief discussion on this on Slashdot, where the claim is that it stops working after 2 months. Against this, we have Steve Pavlina, who is up to 4 months (as of 13/03/2006) with no problems, and members of the Yahoo! Uberman (sic) discussion list, some of whom have done it for over a year.
  • Another interesting take on the detrimental effects was in this k5 post, but you'll notice that some of the replies agree, and some disagree.
  • More from k5: Claims personal experience with interpersonal problems after extended use

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