Understanding Polyphasic Sleep

What is it?

Most people around the world spend 6-8 hours per day sleeping, all in the one block. But there are other options. These other options are documented on this site.

Making the transition: What works

The better you understand what you will be facing, the more likely you are to be sucessful. Read a lot of information on the subject. Read:

  • Everything on this site
  • Everything on PolyWiki
  • All Steve Pavlina's stuff on Polyphasic Sleep.
  • Skim through the stuff the Information page links to, and through the "Polynappers on the 'Net" page (see menu bar for both of these). Ensure you read about some of the failures, so that you can see why they failed.
  • You may also find some useful information in the books on the Books page, but the best books are written by the researchers listed below.

Once you know what you're encountering, and what the pitfalls are, you are more likely to be able to stick to your schedule. The two primary causes of failure are:

  • Failure to complete adaption period: After a certain amount of time (usually, 10 days is mentioned as a round number), you adapt to the polyphasic lifestyle. Before that, you will suffer sleep deprivation.
  • Difficulty interacting with monophasic world: Many find that, although they've adapted, they need to do various things that require them to interact with the monophasic world, such as school, work, or party. Sometimes it it possible to work polyphasically with this, but sometimes it isn't.

More information from Researchers

  • Dr. Claudio Stampi, chronobiologist. The best book on sleeping schedules and hexaphasic sleep. Written initially for round-the-world solo sailors
  • Mr. A. Roger Ekirch, historian. has written about the sleep patterns of earlier cultures.
  • There are various Sleep Societies.

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