Polyphasic Rights Manifesto

In a monophasic world, the needs of polyphasic sleepers are ignored. The rights needed for polyphasic sleepers are:

Naps accepted in society

If we are to be looked upon as an acceptable lifestyle in society, society needs to accept that sleep schedules other than monophasic are also quite natural.

Awareness creation: Ignorance -> Tolerance

The first thing to do is to get the information out there. I suggest putting out information on hexaphasic sleep, as it is simultaneously fairly extreme and fairly popular. Once people are desensitised to the "weirdness factor", they will become more tolerant.

It also needs to be promoted differently depending on the recipient of the information. Examples include:

  • Highly organised and busy people: most likely respond best to the desire for extra hours in the day
  • Individualistic people: most likely to respond to the individualistic nature of the experiment
  • Party animals: most likely to respond to the idea that you can work all day, and spend all night partying (in these cases, it may be best not to mention the adverse effects that alcohol has on hexaphasic sleep)

It also needs to be emphasised that napping is not laziness. Citing Winston Churchill's hard work and naps may help.

Second round adopters: Tolerance -> Participation

There will always be early adopters. Many of them are trying polyphasic sleep now. Once the weirdness factor has worn off, then more people will be willing to try the polyphasic schedule.

Acceptance: Tolerance -> Acceptance

Once people tolerate polynapping, the goal is to work towards acceptance. Society should make some minor alterations in order to accomodate polynappers. One example is the "Naps permitted at work" right listed below. This is part of making polynapping a legitimate lifestyle.

Polyphasic World: Acceptance -> Adoption

Once polynapping is firmly integrated into society, more and more people will begin to adopt it. While I don't expect that everyone will be polyphasic, hopefully the worlds most effective people will be, thereby making it the lifestyle of choice for all self-improvers. This will hopefully involve the "Events Structured around Naps" right mentioned below.


Since there are no rights without responsibilities, the related responsibility is to be a good example, not just of a polynapper, but of a human being. If all polynappers are undesirable types, no-one will want to emulate them; act in such a way that people are attracted to the lifestyle. This can be done by contributing back to society, especially those around you.

Naps permitted at work

One of the recurring reasons given for failure in a polyphasic lifestyle is the trouble integrating with the rest of society. One of the most frequent problems seems to be that work does not permit the naps to happen as necessary. Depending on the nature of the work, there are two possible solutions to this; flextime, and siesta.

  • Flextime: In this situation, workers are permitted to go and nap as necessary (although they may be requested to take turns, so that someone is always available to serve the customer).
  • Siesta: In a siesta situation, all workers stop work together, and nap or whatever they choose. An example schedule might be half-hour breaks at eg. 8am and 4pm, and an hour for lunch at noon.
    • Hexaphasic example: An hexaphasic sleeper could nap at 8am, 12 noon, and 4pm, and still have half an hour to eat lunch, while others could eat at 8am and 4pm. This does mean that a polyphasic lifestyle is incompatible with smoking at work (unless you forego lunch to smoke).
    • Biphasic example: A biphasic sleeper could eat at 8am and 4pm, and sleep for the hour at noon.

Since there are no rights without responsibilities, the related responsibility is to achieve the same amount of work. To do this in the eyes of your boss (as well as actually having achieved), this usually means the same amount of time spent working. So if you previously worked 9-6 with an hour off for lunch, you will now have to work 8:30-6:00 because of the half-hour break at 4:00 (and you will also be spending the 8:00-8:30 period and half your lunch sleeping). But the hour and a half you "lost" will be made up by all the free time you will have at night.

Events Structured around Naps

Events are structured in such a way that they fall within a watch, or have intermission when naps are needed. This includes concerts, movies, and the like.

The campaign to claim our rights begins now!

This being the awareness creation phase, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to talk to as many people about hexaphasic sleep. More information will make you a better advocate. Therefore, you should read the rest of this site :).

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