Places to Nap

This is a list of places to nap. If you can think of any more, send us a message.

Napping at work

You should discuss your napping schedule with your employer unless you are napping only during your normal breaks (ie. lunch, smoko). Some suggestions are:

  • Under your desk; it can be darkish there, especially if you pile some old boxes or something in the right place to block out the light
  • On the work beanbags
  • In the toilet cubicle
  • On your desk (head down) -- use Placebo's MP3 to block out the noise
  • In your car

Tip: while napping at work, leave a note saying when you will be available again

Napping in public

  • In the public toilets (bleah)
  • In a park, either on a bench or on the grass. Tip: you're less likely to attract a policeman if you have some props, eg. a blanket and a book
  • On the beach, if you want a nice sunburn, cancer at an early age, and a painful, lingering death (can you tell this is Australia, with the ozone layer hole?)
  • Thanks to SouthLodge for these (Comments in [] from Tim):
    • Barnes & Noble superstores have comfy reading nooks with easy chairs and ottomans. [do you have to join their Empire? The Ottomans, I mean].
    • Swank hotels' restrooms are far more luxurious than the average NYC apartment. St Regis, Plaza, et al. (It may require the price of a coffee or a drink in the bar.) [Better not to actually drink the caffeine/alcohol, though]
    • Department store changing rooms with locking doors. Take in as large an armful of clothing as permitted, to serve as both psychological and physical camouflage. Caution: some have monitors who patrol the cubicles yelling "How's it going in there?!?"
    • Library reading rooms. The subscription library The Mercantile, on 47th & Madison, is particularly nice.
    • Public transportation. In New York, trains (subway, MetroNorth, LIRR) are far preferable to city buses -- that skull-rattling jerk-sway-and-jolt effect makes the M100 no bueno para sieste ["no good for sleep" -- that clever SouthLodge]. Express buses and some commuter lines do have snooze-capable seating and sturdier [actual working] shock absorbers though.
    • In fine weather, parks parks parks. Little ones, big ones. Yes, it's safe if approached intelligently! [I think this means "Not in New York" :-p] There are people around all the time, and both meadows and benches are used for this purpose by thousands of people every day in the warmer months.
    • Oh, and yes, we have a metronap spot in the Empire State Building at 34th & 5th Ave. ;-D
  • Thanks to Fr. Lewis for these (Comments in [] from Tim again):
    • We have an Australian here (New York), who likes to sleep on the roof during the hot summers. He will wedge himself between the chimney and the incline of the roof [Yeah, that sounds like one of us -- Australians].
    • I myself have slept on occasion in the boiler room of my school, since it is always open and no one but the janitor goes in there, and he sleeps there sometimes too.
    • I have slept on top of a freezer in a storage room before; the freezer was pretty good because it was warm and buzzed, and I could not hear other noises outside.
    • Under bridges is actually popular in New York City, but the police sometimes come wake people up to make sure they are still alive.
    • In Canada, the jails are so nice that homeless people will break windows when they see police just so they get a free room and meal. [...but they don't usually let you out after 20 minutes, so maybe not your best choice]

Napping at community evens

...such as parties, churches, etc.

  • Basically, all I can think of here is napping in your car
  • Tip from Bryan: With ear plugs and a sleep mask, I can sleep anywhere. I will sometimes curl up in the corner at a dance to take a quick nap. The sleep mask is key, otherwise somebody will come up to you and ask "are you OK?" every couple of minutes.

Napping at friends

Warn your friends ahead of time if possible. If you're lucky, they may give you somewhere to nap. Otherwise you may need to go to your car or find a quiet spot on the floor

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