Hobbit meals

Hexaphasic sleepers need to eat more than monophasic sleepers due to burning more energy. It's also healthier to eat smaller meals more often. So rather than eating three meals in 16 hours, like the monophasic sleepers, I recommend 6 meals in 24 hours.

Hobbits are described in Tolkien's great work saying that they liked to " and drink, often and heartily, being fond of ... six meals a day (when they could get them)", although the only one out of the ordinary which gets a mention is that Bilbo is referred to as having a "nice little second breakfast". In Peter Jackson's film adaption, Pippin mentions seven meals. I have taken the liberty of dropping "elevenses" from the list as it would be tied to 6 bells of the forenoon watch, whereas we want to allow people to eat at whichever bells they prefer.

I'd recommend the following meal names (listed with their associated watch):

Watch Time Meal Comment on the meal
Middle Watch Midnight-4am Supper Rather late for supper, but that was the latest meal I could think of except for a midnight snack, which didn't quite convey the right impression
Morning Watch 4am-8am Breakfast Just what fast we're breaking here I'm not quite sure; I usually want something to eat fast at that time of morning, though
Forenoon Watch 8am-Noon Second breakfast An oxymoron if I ever saw one. It's not really a fast when it's only for 4 hours.
Afternoon Watch Noon-4pm Lunch
Dog Watches 4pm-8pm Tea
First Watch 8pm-Midnight Dinner ...with apologies to those who thought dinner was earlier (like at lunchtime, for example)

Meal planning

Many of those trying hexaphasic sleep will be at a bit of a loss for meal planning, for one of the following reasons:

  • They're altering their diet in a more healthy direction at the same time (including Vegetarian and Vegan)
  • They've always had someone else cook for them, and now are learning to fend for themselves, since their schedule doesn't fit with others

As far as the cooking goes, I can't help (I'm a natural -- follow the recipe and get results; ask mother when stuck :) ). However, I can offer the following tips:

  • Initially while on polyphasic sleep, allocate one watch (ie. 3 hours 40 minutes) to cooking (just while you get the hang of it), but have something to fall back on if you're waiting for something to cook, or realise you don't need that long.
  • Plan your meals out ahead of time. This means that you can ensure the ingredients are available when you want them.
  • If you're hoping for the time benefits of polyphasic sleep, making food that you can cook in big batches will probably be a better use of your time. If, on the other hand, you're worried you won't be able to find enough to do, you can carefully prepare meals from scratch one at a time.

Suggested meals

I'd suggest the following foods as being relatively healthy and not too boring:

Meal Summer Winter
Breakfast Muesli: Get a recipe from somewhere, but my recommendation is that you have about 1/2 rolled oats, and 1/3 dried fruit (pick our favourite; not candied, just dried), and the rest is the other ingredients (mostly wheatgerm and skim milk powder).
Second Breakfast Sultana Bran (that's Raisin Bran to the Yanks) Oatmeal (with sultanas) or mush (that's a hot corn-meal+stuff breakfast)
Lunch Make a sandwich: bread with grains (or rye, or something) with any of: lettuce, tomato, pickled sliced beetroot, pickles, mayonnaise, sprouts, cheese, etc Soup: Just watch out for stock cubes if you're going vegetarian
Tea Burritos with refried beans instead of meat. They look disgusting, but taste pretty good (warm; cold they're not so good)
Dinner No bright ideas yet; still working on this
Supper Fruit

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