Polyphasic Lifestyle


This section contains some documentation on the polyphasic lifestyle, and what it is like, and ways of living that may help your results.

Some cultures are already polyphasic.

Some people are getting rid of their beds, and using Bed replacements.

There's also an article called What You Can Do About Sleep Deprivation: Lessons from Around-the-World Solo Sailors by Dr. Claudio Stampi, which seems to fit in this category.

Equitriphasic and Equihexaphasic specific

Nautical time is a method of timekeeping that was once used on ships. It is very useful to hexaphasic sleepers, as it is divided into 6 watches of four hours each.

Hexaphasic sleepers need to eat more than monophasic sleepers due to burning more energy. It's also healthier to eat smaller meals more often. So rather than eating three meals in 16 hours, like the monophasic sleepers, I recommend 6 meals in 24 hours. Hobbits have kindly already come up with names for 6 meals

Eventually I'll write something on Hexaphasic Exercise, but in the meantime, there's a great article entitled Polyphasic Exercise on Steve Pavlina's blog

Hexaphasic specific

Maximising your results is section is for those who have made the transition, and wish to get a little more out of their polyphasic sleep. It contains things that have improved people's results

Dreaming: your dreams are more lucid and/or vivid under the polyphasic lifestyle.

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