Commitment and Discipline

A few people find it easy to transition between sleeping schedules. Most of us find it quite difficult. If you want to change sleeping schedules, you will most likely need commitment and discipline.

Commit to doing it. Two of the most publicly successful so far have committed to doing it, each in their own way.

  • One bet his friends $1000 that he would be adjusted by a certain date. Naturally that worked.
  • Another had spent years learning to achieve goals, and was able to achieve via the discipline he had learned, and the commitment to try polyphasic sleeping for 30 days. He liked it so much that he's still going after a number of months.

If you want to find a low-discipline way of doing this, and you are able to go to sleep easily, it's apparently possible to start taking the naps first, and slowly wean yourself off the nighttime core sleep.

There is plenty of information about commitment and discipline. This site is not the site for that sort of information. I'd recommend that if you need to build that, you read Steve Pavlina's site; a good starting point might be his series on Self Discipline.


The better you understand what you will be facing, the more likely you are to be sucessful. Read a lot of information on the subject. Read everything on this site. To gain more understanding, see the Understanding section.


You will need to plan two things before you start


Basically, this comes down to three key points:

Sleep Control

Naturally, oversleeping is a problem that occurs in almost everyone's adjustment to polyphasic sleep; even Steve Pavlina's.

The sleep control section of the site presents you with a variety of ways to fall asleep more quickly, wake up more easily, and stay awake.

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