Polynappers on the 'Net

Polynapper type: All - Current - Former
Name Schedule Start Date End Date Last Date Comments
Benjamin Sarsgard Hexaphasic, , 2002-04-22 2002-05-09 Life too chaotic
Andrew Hexaphasic, , 2002-05-29 2002-08-01 Went Biphasic
Mark Hexaphasic, , 2002-05-29 2002-07-01
Shane Hexaphasic, 1:30, 4:30 2002-05-29 2002-09-12 Has gone triphasic
Jonny Henderson Hexaphasic, , 2004-06-07 2004-09-12 Reasons for quitting:
- Some sleepiness
- Inconvenience
- Significant others
Phi Tetraphasic, , 2005-01-25 Works perfectly, by March 2006 he has been polyphasic for 50+ days in a row.

Followed a biphasic sleep schedule before he started on polyphasic sleep.
Steve Pavlina Hexaphasic, 1, 2005-10-20
Bryan Larsen Pentaphasic, , 3 2005-10-20 currently on 3 hour core + 3-4 20 minute naps per day. Have had a couple of 1-2 week lapses.
Tynan Hexaphasic, , 2005-11-08 2006-03-25
Sean Wedig Hexaphasic, 0:30, 2005-11-15 2006-02-02 Couldn't interface with the rest of the world; went biphasic Hexaphasic, 1, 2005-12-08 2005-12-16 Didn't complete adaption period
Greg Hexaphasic, , 2005-12-10
Michael Sondergaard Hexaphasic, , 2005-12-10 2006-01-01 Fell sick, and felt that monophasic was a better for getting better (no reasoning supplied
Andrey Khavryuchenko Hexaphasic, 2, 2005-12-17
Eric Mueller Hexaphasic, , 2005-12-24
Rob Hexaphasic, , 2005-12-26
Scottie Hexaphasic, , 2005-12-29 2006-01-17 Returned to monophasic to go to Denver, never readjusted
Chris Beams Hexaphasic, , 2005-12-29 2006-02-01 Wanted to be in sync with the rest of the world
Joseph Young Triphasic, , 2006-01-05
Sole Goal Hexaphasic, , 2006-01-14
Nate True Hexaphasic, , 2006-01-20
Levent Okyay Hexaphasic, , 2006-02-13 2006-02-20 Didn't complete adaption period
Todd Banks Hexaphasic, , 2006-02-13 Currently has core sleep; will eliminate in April
Eiko Kivisik Hexaphasic, 0/4/8, 2006-03-13 2006-04-05 Didn't manage to adapt to strict Uberman, had ups and downs for 24 days. Now getting used to 3h core+naps.
Jeremy Yoder Tetraphasic, 6, 2006-03-24 I suffer from sleep apnea which contributed to a VERY tough adaptation. Started with hexaphasic for 10 weeks and then switched to tetraphasic/quadraphasic (2 day transition) which finally worked. Blog covers the entire experience.
Stuart Hogton Hexaphasic, , 2006-04-05 Freelance artist been going over 3 months now. Standard 6 naps each 25 minutes 12:30, 4:30 and 8:30
Christian Bewley Other, , 2006-04-06 2006-04-06
Manuel Tenorio Hexaphasic, 1, 0 2006-04-10
Boris Miljkovic Other, , 2006-05-01 Beside having trouble staying awake around 3h am, my adjustment period is on schedule.

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